Can you last remember when you
peed normally...
slept all night...
and had toe-curling sex?

Discover how to dramatically reduce the number of times you get up at night...

Pee like a hose on full throttle…

And experience explosive sex again – whenever YOU want to!


Dear Fatigued Friend,

In just a moment, you’ll be able to join a large group of South African men who no longer wake up 4, 5, 6… times at night to pee.

It’s so simple, it’ll surprise you that this breakthrough solution is all it could take to finally stop those endless, frustrating trips to the bathroom… The dribbling… The constant stress… And the sleep deprivation.

Imagine, going out with your family and friends and not having to scout out the toilets… Sitting through a full movie without once having to get up to pee… And feeling rested and refreshed in the morning…

Going to the urinals could finally feel normal for you again…

Like you’re just one of the guys again…

The way it used to be… When you could COMPLETELY empty your bladder…

…When you could walk away and not have to check your crotch every two minutes for a wet patch…

…Or excuse yourself to go to the toilet every 20 minutes!

Hi, I’m Dr Craige Golding. I’ve been practising Integrative Medicine for over 15 years, but first and foremost, I too am a man.

And, man to man… I know how difficult it can be to broach the subject of prostate health…

Us men know that it’s not just an annoying bathroom habit…

It affects your whole quality of life!

But I also know that with a specific combination of natural nutrients, in the right dosages and forms your body can use… specifically formulated for age-related prostate swelling… it’s all your prostate could need to repair itself…

And finally restore your peace of mind…

So that you can go back to being just one of the guys – enjoying life!

Imagine trading your frustrating nightly trips to the bathroom for all-night restful sleep, and pleasurable sex!

And then getting on with your full schedule the next morning, without a single thought about your prostate!


The REAL reason nothing has
worked for you so far – and the breakthrough
that could finally change your life!


The reality is men have been using herbal extracts to support a healthy prostate for centuries – all the way back to ancient times.

But, it’s definitely not a one-nutrient-fix-all solution… Never has been…

Your prostate is a very complex organ. And it needs a specific blend of quality nutrients to keep working properly after the age of 40…

If you’re taking alpha blocker pharmaceutical drugs, you’ll know they relax the bladder’s neck muscles so you can urinate easier…

But at what possible cost?

Retrograde ejaculation? That’s when your sperm ejaculates into your bladder instead of out of your body.

And then there’s the fatigue, dizziness and headaches…

The alternative is a prostate-specific combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals – each one addressing a key function of your prostate health – without any harsh side-effects.

To be exact, NINE different nutrients!

…That’s when you can look forward to REAL relief…


Imagine if your life didn't revolve entirely
around an out-of-control prostate…


Wouldn’t it be great to go to the bathroom ONCE before you go to bed – then sleep the whole night through?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to not have to look for the toilet eveeeerywhere you go?

And not have to subject yourself to another dirty, disgusting public toilet…

That’s the whole idea behind the formula I want to introduce to you right now. It’s called ULTIMATE PROSTATE DEFENCE PLUS, and it’s guaranteed to make your life better -- or your money back.

It’s that simple, friend. If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay for it.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let me quickly explain a little bit more about the “5 pillars of a perfect prostate” – and how they could quickly turn your life around.

The first Pillar is...


The Perfect Foundation for Prostate Support:
Saw Palmetto, Urtica Dioica and Beta Sitosterol


Saw Palmetto on its own isn’t much help, but when you team it up with Urtica Dioica, or Nettle Root as it’s more commonly known, and Beta Sitosterol, you’re talking blessed relief!

According to one of today’s most respected medical references, “saw palmetto is effective in nearly 90% of users.”

A recent systematic review and meta-analysis of Saw Palmetto, based on data from 27 studies and 5,800 participants, showed it results in:

  • Fewer trips to the toilet and an increase in peak urinary flow
  • An improved International Prostate Symptom Score
  • Reduced prostate swelling

And, in another study, the men who took saw palmetto showed statistical improvement in residual urinary volume.

Study after study shows that when you get the right form of saw palmetto extract – in the right dose – the results are life-changing.

Nettle Root is a herb, rich in phytosterols. These compounds, together with saw palmetto, block the enzyme that turns normal testosterone into a potent rogue form known as DHT. From about your 40s, more and more of your normal testosterone gets converted into DHT, and it’s this that makes you lose your hair and causes your prostate to swell.

Beta Sitosterol is a plant chemical that boosts urinary flow and empties the bladder more completely.

A review of four randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind studies, involving over 500 men with BPH, showed that beta-sitosterol improved urinary symptom scores, residual volume in the bladder, and peak urine flow.

This foundation of prostate support is perfectly formulated for sweet relief!

But this dynamic trio is only the first pillar. And you’ll need all 5 for complete prostate support.


The Urinary Force Power Nutrient:

Pumpkin Seed Powder


Pumpkin seeds contain several beneficial phytosterols. They help balance your hormones and promote a healthy sized prostate.

They’ve also been shown to reduce the effects of an overactive bladder.

That means less trips to the toilet when you have Ultimate Prostate Defence Plus working for you!


  Get Ultimate Prostate Defence Plus today!


The Prostate Antioxidants:

Vitamin E and Lycopene


This pillar is all about beating oxidative stress which makes your peeing problem so urgent.

That requires a task-team of potent antioxidants. And there are a multitude of studies that show that the prostate is particularly responsive to Vitamin E and Lycopene.

The research confirms that the higher your Vitamin E intake from your diet, the more likely you are to have a healthy prostate.

And, when you combine Vitamin E with Lycopene, they pack a real punch when it comes to reducing that nagging urgent urge to pee.

Lycopene has been shown in several studies to help prevent prostate cancer. Men who consume more lycopene, have a significantly lower risk for the disease.

In 1999, a pivotal review of 57 studies was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that showed a link between low levels of blood lycopene and the risk of cancer.

And by deactivating the negative effects of oxidative stress on your prostate, you don’t only enjoy prostate protection, you can look forward to a stronger and more powerful urine stream.

But still, we’re not finished yet…



Zinc and Selenium


There’s more zinc in your prostate than anywhere else in your body. That’s how essential it is for this manly organ!

Yet, the Western diet is low in organic zinc. And to top it off, as you get older, your body doesn’t absorb zinc as well as it used to. Supplementing with zinc is the only way to increase your levels of this essential mineral – for a healthy prostate.

Selenium has been used for centuries to treat a low libido, erectile dysfunction and prostate swelling. 

These two ‘manly’ minerals are so important for sweet prostate relief!

Imagine enjoying all the simple things in life again – without the constant urges to pee!

…Imagine your new-found freedom from those endless toilet trips.

And that’s why there’s one final pillar to complete prostate comfort…



The Nutrient for

Toe-Curling Sex!


Your prostate is after all a sex organ. Without a healthy prostate, you’ll struggle to even ejaculate.

To be able to continue having satisfying sex, you must protect your prostate.

And that’s where Diindolylmethane - or DIM for short, comes in. It balances hormones, which helps reduce the swelling (inflammation) of the prostate gland, improves urinary flow, helps prevent prostate cancer and restores a healthy libido.

So, ask yourself, why get up 4,5,6 times at night to pee?

Why put up with a weak urine stream and the dribbling?

Why stress about knowing just where the toilets are all the time?

When you could live a comfortable, relaxed life – like the thousands of guys who have already discovered the 5 pillars to a healthy prostate?


Friend, it’s time to try something that can work for you – Ultimate Prostate Defence Plus!


Imagine a complete formula that could give you your life back – the life you deserve?

And, at a fraction of what it would cost you, if you had to buy all NINE powerful prostate nutrients I mentioned above separately.

Imagine receiving your prostate supplement discreetly to your door and FREE courier? (Parcels to remote areas will be posted)

And knowing you’re getting top quality ingredients in the right dosages and forms your body can use?

Luckily, with help from the team at FSPNutritionals, I’ve done all the legwork for you. All you have to do is try it...

And there’s more good news. By reading this report, you’ve unlocked a special offer... and if you choose to take advantage, you’re going to save big on premium prostate support...

It couldn’t be simpler: Just select your savings option below.

  Get Ultimate Prostate Defence Plus today!


And, your peace of mind



We’re so sure FSPNutritionals’ Ultimate Prostate Defence Plus can help you improve your urine stream, reduce the frequency and urgency of going to pee and restore your confidence in the bedroom, we’re backing it up with our Iron-Clad 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

That means that if you’ve taken FSPNutritionals’ Ultimate Prostate Defence Plus as directed on the label and you’re not satisfied with the progress you’re seeing within 60 days, simply return the bottles - even if they're partially empty, or empty – and we will refund you your purchase price.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain with trying FSPNutritionals’ Ultimate Prostate Defence Plus!


Choose your



Take advantage of our BUY THREE, GET THREE FREE offer! You pay just R1349.95 which works out to R224.99 per month!

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Or even just get started with one bottle at R449.95.


Choose the Smartship offer



When you select SmartShip, you never have to worry about reordering your supply of FSPNutritionals’ Ultimate Prostate Defence Plus, your new supply is dispatched to you automatically and your credit card is only charged on dispatch.

Just when you need it – as your current supply is about to run out – you will receive your new supply by courier to your door (parcels to remote outlying regions will be posted).

And it’s not just the convenience you can look forward to… You save an EXTRA R100 on each dispatch with SmartShip.

Plus, you can cancel Smartship at any time, or pause it when you go on holiday.

This makes it the perfect opportunity for you to try FSPNutritionals’ Ultimate Prostate Defence Plus Risk-FREE!

Don’t suffer the frustration of an unruly prostate – take control of your health today and put FSPNutritionals’ Ultimate Prostate Defence Plus to the test. You owe it to yourself!

  Get Ultimate Prostate Defence Plus today!

Here’s to satisfying urination, restful sleep, comfort, relief and FREEDOM!

Dr Craige Golding

Integrative Specialist 

P.S. Take advantage the multi-bottle and Smartship savings today while stock last!

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